how to get google adsense approval

How to Get Google Adsense Approval

 When it comes to monetizing your blog, advertisements is an option everyone should consider. Google AdSense is the ultimate King when it comes to ad network monetizing. Its the best CPM advertising network in the web. Google AdSense offers the highest CPM for for every page compared to other ad networks. Its every webmaster dream to acquire google advertising rights.

Unfortunately, many bloggers Fail to meet their strict approval requirements, hence quit blogging. Since 2011, google AdSense introduced strict requirements making it quite hard to  to get approved for your personal blog. But like I always say, impossible is a word that shouldn’t exist in anyone dictionary.

 The good news is you don’t only require AdSense to monetize your blog. Check out my top recommendations on google AdSense alternatives here to run in your website. But since this article is about google AdSense, lets discuss best practices to actually start a blog and get approval.

  I have good news for you. Your reading this article because you want to get AdSense approval to run google advertisements in your blog. The good news is you are in the place. Getting approval with a new blog is really easy if you follow the following basic rules.

Make sure your Blog is ready before applying for Adense:

AdSense moderators review each blog, page by page manually. They will only approve websites that have adhered to all their requirements. Hence, always ensure you do not apply during the website construction stage. Google AdSense team announced some basic requirements, commonly known as Hacks and Tricks for account approval. For example, in their new AdSense official page, they require publishers to own a website for atleast 6 months. This is not always the rule of the thumb, as many publishers got approved with younger Blogs. The main reason for this restriction is to make sure only Quality websites apply. What factors will make your blog a High quality and AdSense ready?.

  1.  Make sure to write High Quality and Unique content.

With google Content is King!. In order for users to stick around in your website, you must give them a reason to by providing quality and original content. Many people don’t get it when google talk of original content. Most people don’t get the difference between Original content and plagiarism free content. Copying someone blog and rewriting it in your own language only creates what we call duplicate content. Look at it in this perspective. Its like stealing a black car and painting it red, does not make it yours. Think of unique content as your own idea, nicely written with bulletins and ofcouse grammatically correct. On top of that, it should add value to the user. Never copy anything from the web to your blog if you looking forward to working with google.

I would recommend writing articles that are above 700 words and above, 100% unique and optimized with images. If you provide insufficient, poorly written and grammatically incorrect content, google will simply reject your application

 2. Write Search Engine friendly Blogs post.

 In order to write search engine friendly blog post, make sure to optimize them with Tag descriptions, Keywords, Meta Titles and others. These helps in describing what your content is about to web robots, for example the crawler bots. Its not possible for the AdSense team to review every application, hence your blog must first be subjected to machine review. AdSense crawler bots will check the footprint of your website. The most important to note is your blog should pass both machine review and human review. For those using WordPress platform check this Guide on Basic SEO requirements.

 3. Make sure your Blog has Sufficient content.

Google AdSense recommends having sufficient content in your website before submitting your application. If your blogging on a WordPress platform, i recommend at-least 20 to 30 high quality articles. Make sure you add relevant copyright free images, to make your post attractive. Try and write at-least two lengthy articles with 2000 words and above. They should be stunning giving your readers reason to stay longer. Avoid blank pages in your website. If you miss providing this, google might reject your application on insufficient content bases. Finally just note that the more the content, the higher chances of approval.

4.  Minimum Domain age, At least 6 Months:

 As I mentioned earlier, in some countries like India, China and Africa, google introduced a 6 months Domain age restriction. But like i also said, this restriction is meant to ensure only quality and fully developed domain apply. If your younger than 6 months, I highly recommend staying away from google. This is because google views your website as a spam site. Giving your domain time to age, also gives you time to come up with high quality and original content. Hence, jus chill and don’t be in a hurry.

5.  Add Google Analytics Code:

Google Team always like working with serious webmasters. Adding google analytic in your blog will show seriousness and hence Trust. This shows that a webmaster is actively keeping track of his visitors and serious about the users visiting the website. If you don’t have an analytic account, its free. Just sign up here. once you sign up, get your tracking code and place it in your website.

6. Verify your Website with Google Webmaster Tool:

 Just like with google Analytic, you also have to verify site ownership with webmaster tool. This tool, in website search perspective, has complete access to your Blog. Web master tool helps you track and fix daily website errors. To register for this property, click here. After registering, click on ”Add a Site” and enter your website URL. Adding this verification, will ensure your site has good results on search engine.

 7. Create a XML Site Map Page:

 Installing a site map will only take a few minutes of your time. Site maps will help search engine bots index your website faster. This is another great website trustworthiness move. For those using WordPress, I highly recommend using Google XML sitemaps.

 8. Create a Robot.txt file:

 To get rid of indexing unwanted junk by google, create a Robot.txt file. To go about this, I recommend installing and optimizing Yoast SEO. Restricting unwanted data indexing by search engines improves page ranking by google. It also increases your website trustworthiness factor.

 9. Create Important pages:

 Its very important for google to know your identity before they accept you in their program. You should also provide to your users other important information regarding data usage on your website. Hence, make sure the following pages are available as soon as possible.

  • Privacy policy.
  • Disclaimer.
  • Contact Us.
  • Terms of Usage.
  • About us page. (This should include your name and address used in AdSense application form)

  Most important to note, in the about us page, you should clearly explain who you are, and what the website is all about. In other words, how users will benefit using your website. Remember to avoid spellings and grammar errors here, as its usually the first page AdSense team will visit.

 10. Use a Custom Domain and Email address:

During the old good days, you could easily create a website via BlogSpot or free WordPress and get approved for AdSense. Those days are long gone. Using a custom Domain will look more serious. Users will take you serious, hence google too will take you serious. So get a custom Domain name, create your nicely organized blog and apply for AdSense. Follow my easy step by step guide on purchasing a Domain name and creating your website here.

Once you purchase your Domain name, create your domain specific email address. For example: With education grade, you can create an email address like  This will look more professional than using a Gmail address. Use this Email address to apply for AdSense.

 11. Get a Decent Traffic:

I have personally read several articles on How to Get Google AdSense Approval. Many mention that Decent traffic is not a priority when it comes to Adsense approval. That’s absolutely not true as far as am concerned. One of the main reason google introduced the 6 months age rule, is to your website become a little popular. Once your website starts receiving at least 50 hits per day, your good to go. If your website is not receiving enough traffic, google will reject your application. That’s why they decline with a insufficient organic traffic reason

 12. Choose a good Blogging Niche:

Some of the recommended blogging niche for faster AdSense approval include. Health, Law, How to make money online, Insurance policies, Business, lifestyle, Celebrity news and social media marketing. Google will ban your current application and any future applications if your application contain any of the prohibited content. Check prohibited content here.

 13. Prohibited Website Niches:

Statistics show that your account will go through a faster approval process if you have more quality articles on Health, Internet Marketing, Business, Law, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Travel, Lifestyle and Social Media. Google will take your application as a serious offense if your website contain any of the prohibited content mentioned in this link here. Also google will not approve your website if its on an event based niche.

14. Avoid Third Party Ads or Programs:

Before applying to google AdSense, remove any third party ads on your website. Google moderators manually review websites and they hate seeing other ad networks adverts. Avoid Media Bing, chitika or infolinks adverts when submitting your application. This will ensure your website has a first impression, clean and presentable. Also avoid links from affiliate marketing host like Amazon, Ebay, clickbanks and many other. You can add them back once your application is approved.

Once you have implemented all the above, your good to go. Make sure to market your website on social media pages like facebook, twitter, Google plus and most important, stay away from paid traffic. If you feel your site comply with all the above, apply for AdSense confidently here.

This bring us to the end of our discussion on How to Get Google AdSense Approval. Leave a comment below to share your experience or opinion. If your AdSense application is rejected, just check on their reasons for not accepting you on their program. Work on the issues provided and try resubmitting your application. For a one on one help from education grade, hit me via the contact form in the contact us page.

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