Interview Attire Tips

Interview attire jobs link  What are the best interview attire tips to keep in mind before selecting your Dress code?. This is what our discussion will be based on. Dressing for the occasion, is as important as customizing a cover letter or resume. Choosing an attire that’s inline with todays’ dress code is the golden rule. Obviously, there is no single stop shop for the perfect interview attire. On the other hand, most hiring managers don’t put much emphasis on what you wear.  As long as you don’t show up in a straight jeans and sneakers, your good to go.  Lets look at some general guidelines, to choose a perfect interview attire.

Interview Attire Tips
1. Ensure you stand out

  In order to stand out, always do a prior research about the position your applying for. Check the positions slightly above your position, and use that as your guide. This will tell the Hiring manager that you have the desire to move up in life. For example, when interviewing for a position where staff wear Pollo shirts and Khakis. Showing up in a suit and tie, tells the hiring managers you have an executive mind. It also shows your readiness to take up further responsibility.

2. Stay up to date.

Your dress code will send an impression to the hiring manager, even before initial greetings. Wearing an outdated interview attire, will definitely send a bad message. Even though, this doesn’t mean choosing the current frad improves your chances. Always choose new styles, that adhere to todays’ interview attire dress codes. Fresh new styles send a message to the hiring manager, that your part of the new world. Another straight Red card is going too casual. As much as you want to send a young fresh mind message, avoid dressing like a fresh graduate. For example, you want to choose a perfect cool suit, when interviewing for a manager position. This tells the hiring manager, that you’ve worked in a similar position before.

3. Dress for the occasion.

 professional and executive interview attire may not always be the way to go. We have job vacancies that doesn’t necessarily require formal attire. Always remember, your attire will tell the type of candidate you are. Before the interview, contact the people in your career network. Ask them of ideas of the best interview attire to choose. Lastly, another important thing to remember is weather or current climate. Always ensure that your interview attire makes you comfortable. Hence, avoid heavy interview attire in deserts or thing attire in winter regions.

4. Stay Comfortable.

Being comfortable avoids distraction, hence your always alert. Hiring managers will easily sport un comfort, or nervous people. The discomfort maybe from your new shoes hurting your toes. But the Hiring manager might think, the discomfort is due to inexperience. This will lead to a straight disqualification. Choose interview attire thats’ been tried and tested. Try your new interview attire, a few days before the big interview day. This will greatly help avoiding embarrassing thing like, not removing tags.

How to Dress for an interview

 Below we will discuss, practical examples and combinations for that perfect interview attire. We will look at options for professional and executive Interview attire. But with all said, the rule of the thumb. Regardless of the work environment, professional dressing always guarantee great first impression.

How to Dress for a professional Interview.
  •  Men’s Professional Interview Attire: When attending a professional interview, Men should always default to wearing a suit. Make sure the clothes fit nicely, and if possible latest trends. Lets see the Fundamental items to wear during an interview.

1. Choose solid colors, for example Black, Navy blue or Dark grey suits.

2. Always choose a long sleeve shirt, that coordinates with the suit. (preferably white)

3. Always ensure your belt is on, and Tie nicely folded.

4. Choose conservative leather shoes, that coordinates with with the shoes.

5. Avoid funny Hair cuts. Maintain a professional and neat hair cut

6. Bring with you a Briefcase or portfolio, to carry your Resume.

  • Women Professional interview Attire: Choosing the perfect interview attire for women, is a bit difficult compared to men. This is because with women, fashion really varies. Also, for example with men, just a briefcase is enough. But for women, extra accessories might be more. Women needs to choose a professional bag large enough to hold their Resume, and not flashy. Lets see the fundamental blocks of women interview attire, in a professional environment.

 1. Perfectly fitting suits, long enough for comfort while seated. choose solid colors, for example Black Navy blue or dark grey.

 2. Choose a blouse that coordinates with the suit. (preferably white )

 3. Conservative shoes that coordinates with your attire.

4. Limit the number of jewelry.

 5. Ensure to put on a professional hair style.

 6. Put on light makeup and perfume.

7. Bring a professional handbag, one that fits your resume. A briefcase can also be perfect.

Lastly, a Final Word of advice.

 With the above guideline, you can comfortably and confidently walk in to any interview environment. Even though, don’t limit your self to only this. Its always to conduct more research, since trends keeps on changing from time to time. Also, very important check our discussion on Tips for choosing the best attire colors here.

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