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Business Casual Wear  When most people hear Business Casual Wear, the picture created at the back of their mind is wrong. Most think they can just wear anything and everything is okay. Not exactly the point. Business casual wear frequently confuses many interview candidates, and  workers. This is because, their is no one standard definition, and varies from company to location and industry. Also most people don’t differentiate Business and Business casual. But Rule of the thumb. If your not sure, its better to be too formal than being too casual.

  Below discussion, will help you understand what the appropriate attire for a Business casual attire environment. We will see the perfect combination for men and women. What to wear and what not to, during an interview or working environment.

Business Casual Wear Building Blocks.

 Women: Women should combine skirts or Dresses with brouses, twinsets and Jackets. The Jacket might be optional. Wear closed toe shoes, although in some scenario sandals can be perfect. Important to note, always choose solid colors over bright and patterns. These are the Business casual attire to consider.

1. Khaki or cotton pants or skirts. Make sure they are not too short.

2. Sweaters, knit, shirts or twinsets

3. Dresses that aren’t very professional.

 Men: The perfect Business casual attire for men, should be:. Official solid color pants, a white shirt with no tie matched with conservative shoes. The shirt may not necessarily be white, other solid colors may work fine too. I strongly recommend avoiding polo shirts, even if acceptable according to the job environment. Avoid wearing jeans and shorts, combined with T shirts. Wearing a broken suit, for example by avoiding a Tie and blazer would be the perfect combination.

Business Casual Wear General Guideline.

1. Its always best to go wrong the conservative way, than the casual way. Even if the organization staff shows up at work looking like a clad. That doesn’t mean, you show up for the interview dressed like them. When you dress professionally, it shows high levels of responsibility. Also plays a big part in making a good first impression.

2. During your working environment, always try maintain consistency. What I mean is if your the professional and conservative type, try and maintain the image. Avoid showing up at the work place looking  like a clad on specific days, for example on weekends. If you have to change, go slightly lower. You might opt for a khaki pants and polo shirts matched with conservative shoes.

3. Its always good to wear clothes with no logos, offensive writing or graphics. For women avoid too tight clothes or short skirts. Also women should avoid putting too much make up . Keep it as natural as possible. 

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