Startup Casual

startup casual interview attire Most people have heard startup casual, but trust me few know what exactly it is. Startup casual is less formal than business casual, mostly worn on startup business environment. This is how startup casual came up. Remember when getting a Job meant, always showing up at work place with a conservative solid suit?. That trend later went down by the introduction of casual Friday, where staff could dress a bit down. After that came the business casual organizations, that allowed staff to wear not so conservative dress code. Finally the startup organizations sprung up, with young entrepreneurs of youthful energetic attire. But though youthful, startup casual should show high levels of professionalism. 

 Use the following guide to help you choose the perfect attire in a startup interview environment. Learn what to where and what to avoid.

What is startup casual ?

Like we have just said, its a modern youthful work attire, that’s less formal yet professional. The attire is meant to bring a sense of youthfulness, energy and should be as comfortable as possible. This is mainly because, you should always expect long working hours in startup farms. Comfort in such scenarios is high importance.

  In such work environment, Jeans, khaki and T shirts are the order of the day. Important to note, they should always be of the right kind. The main aim is comfort, and not looking like a sloppy. In such cases, Jeans and khakis will be awesome matched with presentable T shirts or Polo. Adding a Blaze on top of a T shirt, adds perfect sophistication yet maintaining comfort. 

 When it comes to foot wear, loafers works perfect for men. Flat sore is mostly advised for women. Always avoid high heels. This is because, for scenarios when your on your feet the whole day, it can be very uncomfortable. 

Startup Casual to a Job Interview.

 You want to make a good first impression, and we all know casuals aren’t the best choice. Especially for an important occasion such  as a job interview. Again you don’t want to look too professional, on a work environment that’s naturally casual. Hence this can be one of the most difficult scenario . Remember our discussion on Interview attire Tips ? We said the rule of the Thumb, is to dress like someone slightly above you. In our case best advice is to dress with a Business casual attire in mind. This can be the perfect choice, since you don’t want to show up in suite and tie extreme.

In summary, Men should settle to nice pairs of Khakis with long sleeve shirts or polo T shirts. Lether shoes should be perfect for foot wear, and blazers can be optional. In the case of women, cotton, khaki and cordon trousers or skirt will be a perfect choice. These matched with nice brousers, sweaters or twinsets will bring the perfect combination. In both cases, always chose solid colors over bright colors.

 For more information about colors and general guideline, please visit our Interview attire Tips discussion. Also check the business casual wear section, in order to choose the perfect interview attire for startup environment.  Lastly, thanks for staying lock and share your feedback via the contact form below.