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 Lets discuss the best Job interview Tips that are going to help you lock that dream job you’ve been looking for. We all know that the Job search process is usually difficult and very much involving. you will be required to customize your Resume to match every job opening,dropping your cv from one employer to another, online applications, etc. After all that getting shortlisted for an interview can be a good thing.

 Now that you’ve been shortlisted for an interview, you will require to conduct a successful interview in order to lock the job offer. The interview process can be a quite lengthy process, but taking your time to prepare can make it a day in the beach. Lets discuss how you can ace a job interview, including tips on every aspect of the interview from preparation through follow-up.

 The question we need to ask our self is, after being shortlisted, how do you prepare for the interview?. We are going to answer this question with 10 easy steps.

  1. Conduct a company Research

 After receiving your interview invitation, the first step should be conducting a thorough research of the company in-order to gather the background information about the employer. When an employer receives your application he or she assumes that you are aware of the company and most important well understands the role your applying for. With that in mind you should be prepared to the ”What do you know about this company?” OR ”Why do you want to work for this organization?” questions. Learn how to answer those questions here.

 Conducting a further research of the companys’ past performance, future plans, values, motto etc will put you in a place to better explain to the hiring manager how you can add value to the company. Before the interview make sure you visit the company website and check the ”About Us” page, check their social media pages to see what information the company has been sharing.

Lastly don’t be afraid to contact your prospective employer, to ask for further details about the position you will be interviewing for. The more information you will gather the more comfortable you will be and the better chances you stand.

2. Use your Network to get the inside scope.

 In this modern times, I am sure everybody has some type of career network out there. It might be social media like LinkedIn, OR you might personally know a friend who knows a friend working with the organization. Reach out to them for more information, because this can give you a real advantage over any other applicant. Ask your network about the interview process they went through when they were hired. This will help you to know more about the company, what questions to expect and ask, and most important the salary range to ask for. Trust me the ”what salary do you expect?” question is one most people fail simply by under quoting or over quoting.

3. Practice for the Interview.

This is one thing I am sure almost everyone has or does before an interview. Yes its a five star step in prepering for an interview. Make sure you conduct practice interviews with a friend or a family member, then ask them for a feedback. What they think about your responses if placed in the shoes of the hiring manager. If you are the type of people who doesn’t like being interviewed by people known to you, audio or video record yourself, playback the recordings to review your responses, then put your self in the position of the hiring manager. ask your self if you could hire such a person.

4. Interview Tips on How to prepare for Practical interview Questions

If you have attended an interview lately, you are going to agree with me that most of the interviewing managers tend to ask practical based questions more, than the standard interview questions.This is what is basically referred to as behavioral based interviewing. This basically involves you answering questions about how you have handled past situations at your work place.

The best way to answer practical interview questions, is by making a list of your skills, values and interests. Also list down your strengths and weakness. For every item on your list, describe a practical scenario you displayed that quality. Don’t forget to list down the most commonly practical questions asked out there. You can take a minute and review the Responses to Most commonly asked Interview questions here”.Lastly don’t forget to customize your answers to the position you are interviewing for.

5. Prepare For Different Types of Interviews

In this modern days Interviews can come in different forms. Its very important for you to know what type of interview you will be taking. Lets take a minute and discuss a few common types of interviews you might come across along your career path.

  • Over the phone and Video interviews.

Telephone interviews refers to where you will answer a normal phone call to conduct an interview. These are very common especially in the Technical world while For Video, skype is the most commonly used technology. Make sure you are in a quiet environment and a place with minimal interruption.

Take time time to ensure that everything is in working order, by conducting a trial run so that you will be fully ready during the actual interview. You might be fully prepared to answer the questions but get disqualified due to technology failure.

  • Out of the Office Interview.

These interviews range from a lunch, dinner, or eve a cup of coffee. For lunch and dinner, you need to observe polite dining etiquette before attending the interview. Make sure to check online so as to have an idea of what to order, and most important ensure you arrive a few minutes earlier. Check online to get a sense of the appropriate attire. Struggling with attire, check out our ”Interview attire tips” discussion for more info.

  • Group Interviews.

 These type of interviews are very common these days. This is where you are interviewed by a panel, or you are interviewed along with a group of candidates. For this type of interview, practice being a good listener in order to effectively answer questions.

 There are many types of interviews out there, but we’ve just mentioned the most common ones. The most important thing is to know what type of interview to expect in advance. Don’t hesitate to ask your employer if your not sure what interview they will be conducting. This is very helpful in avoiding cases where you might prepare for an oral interview, only to find a written interview.

 Lets now get back to our main discussion, preparing for your next interview. Lets briefly talk about the type of attire which is quite important part of first impression:

6. Choose the proper Interview Attire.

 During an interview your first impression is of most importance, and trust me that what you wear is a big part of that first impression. Make sure you look professional and appropriate for the interview environment.

 For a full discussion of your interview attire, please join me in our proper interview dress code. Just note that when it comes to attire, regardless whether its a formal or an informal interview, you don’t want to look like a snob. Neat and tidy casual, is a good option when official wear will not be appropriate for the interview. Its always good practice to dress just a little bit professional than the dress code requires.

7. The day of the Interview.

When the day of the interview comes, the most important thing to observe is time. Make sure that you arrive on time, meaning Ten to fifteen minutes earlier. To be able to beat time, Make sure you already know the interview location. I would recommend visiting the location a day earlier, because its going to help you know exactly where you will be going, how long its going to take you and what transportation options you’ve got. Running late will only lead to a stressing scenario which can be a really bad start to what could be your new job.

8. Interviewing Etiquette.

Being polite and gracious to everyone you meet is the golden rule. Ensure you observe them from the time you walk into the reception till when you leave. Note that the people could be your future co-workers or even your boss, so make the best impression you can.

9. During the Interview.

 The key to facing the interviewing panel with all your confidence is avoiding being nervous. Visit the rest room and wash your hands to avoid them being sweaty. Take a deep breath, it helps relaxing your body. You have been preparing for this interview just have confidence you can make it.

 During the interview, remain calm and pay maximum attention as much as possible. Always make sure to ask for clarification, if possible ask for question re-framing if you have not understood. Most important take your time to frame your response to avoid confusing your self.

 Lastly note that if the interview goes wrong, its not the end of the world. Use that as an opportunity to strengthen you more and prepare you for future interviews. Never forget that what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger!

10. Don’t Forget To follow-Up

Make sure you end the interview by thanking the  hiring manager or panel for honoring you with the opportunity. Make sure to reiterate your interest in the position by following with a email restating your interest. This is an opportunity to remind the employer of your qualifications and to include any details missed out during the physical interview


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