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Job inquiry letter link to job search   A Job inquiry letter can also be referred to as a letter of Interest. Other times you might hear of a Job prospective letter. All these three terms refer to the same document. You send a job inquiry letter to a prospective company that may be hiring but hasn’t advertised any job opening. Everyone in his or her job search journey, walked into a particular organization and dropped a resume without invitation. In such cases, a Job inquiry letter is the best option.

 Lets begin our discussion by first reviewing why you need to write a Job inquiry letter. Lastly we’ll show how to practically write and submit one.

Why Write a Job Inquiry letter.

 An Inquiry letter helps a prospective employer notice you and your interest to join his team. Use this document, as a chance to get your resume to a hiring manager. Even though not currently hiring, it gives a chance for consideration when a vacancy shows up.

 A job Inquiry letter is a good way to connect with an organization. It shows your proactive and serious about joining the company team. In fact, its the most compelling evidence of your genuine interest to join the company team. Most important about the inquiry letter, it puts you on the company radar in case a suitable position shows up.

What to include in a Job Inquiry letter.

 Like we’ve just mentioned, most important thing is to remain in an organization radar. Hence make sure the information in the letter is concise and fully address the company interests. Hence indicate clearly what value you will add to the organization if given the chance.

 Second point note, you have to show high level of politeness and brevity. Being polite will give a good first impression, in fact convincing the reader to proceed in reviewing your application. Ensure the tone is one calling for an action.

 Lastly its good to note, unlike a application letter that that will address to a known job opening, this doesn’t. Put emphasis on general skills and experience that are a plus to the organization. Put the skills and experience you poses on the sport light and why the company mission appeal you.

Example of an Inquiry Letter.

 Follow our below guideline, but obviously don’t forget to customize for your own special case. Also don’t forget to accompany the letter with your resume. First lets begin with a general guideline, then next cover a practical example.

Street address,

City and state,

Phone number,

Email address.


Date: day/Month/year.


First Name, Last Name. [person sending to]

Title: (eg Human resource manager )

Organization Name,

PO Box Address,

City and State.


Dear Mr/Mrs Last Name.

Opening paragraph: State the position your inquiring about. Next briefly explain how you heard about the organization and position. Lastly tell the reader when you will be available for the position in question.

Body paragraph: Tell the reader why the position or type of work the employer does interest you. Demonstrate with practical examples that prove your the candidate to full fill the employer needs. This is your chance, to give practical examples of whats in your resume but briefly. Lastly mention your resume is enclosed for further details.

Closure Paragraph: Indicate that your looking forward for an interview opportunity to discuss about the position. Restate that your so passionate about the opportunity and available to provide additional info required. Finally thank the reader for his or her consideration.

 This example explains in detail the building blocks of a Job inquiry letter. Next lets see how to practically write one. We will skip the personal information part as its not going to change.

Practical example of a Job Inquiry Letter.

Dear Mr/Mrs…

I am writing to ask for your consideration to join your sales and marketing team. Your organization is a global leader in sales and marketing industry. I am a bachelors graduate in Commerce, with five years of working experience. I am a good team leader with excellent communication skills and have demonstrated great success in marketing sector. Hence i will deliver excellent results in your organization.

Currently I market communication products and services via social media and door to door promotions. Over the years i have earned great reputation for project success.

Below enclosed is my Resume, for further review and consideration. I would like to join your team, use my skills and experience to increase organization satisfaction. I can be reached via Phone number +17788xxxx or email address  For further discussion. Thank you for your time and look forward meeting you.


First Name Last Name.

That brings us to the end of our discussion. Hope the information is going to be of great help in your job search journey. Give us a feedback via the comment section below and share how the information was helpful to you in particular. Also on how we can improve the site. Thank you.

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