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Referral Cover Letter Jobs link  What is a referral cover letter ? We need to answer this question first, before jumping into our discussion. In general, a referral cover letter is used to mention mutual relationship between two people. When applying for a job, you might seek referral from a person of known reputation by the prospective company. Mentioning a Referral gives the hiring manager additional information, of how well you relate to the position. In fact, Recruiting managers take closer look at people whom you share mutual contact to know you better. Remember the saying ”Show me your friends, and I’ll tell what kind of person you are”. Hence, having a good referrer helps you stand out, as a result increases your chance for interview shortlisting.

How to get a Referral for a Perfect Referral cover letter.

 Most Important to realize, you want someone with excellent reputation as your referrer. Somebody in a position to add weight to your application. Approach someone known to the organization, and ask if they could refer you. First, conduct a company employee search through your career network, including LinkedIn and others. Check for college Alumni who might be working for the company, or with connections with staff. Don’t limit your search to only employees, Vendors or clients can also be perfect.

 Armed with the contact information, send out a formal letter asking for referral. Writing is always better than phone calls, since they give the person time to think about your request. For instance, if the person doesn’t know you well, he might decline immediately over a phone call. Lastly make sure to provide them with your most recent resume, with latest info about your skills and experience. This greatly help in giving a strong endorsement and in preparation of what to say in case of follow-up.

How to mention Referral in a cover letter.

When using a referral in a Job application letter, ensure its on the first paragraph. Briefly describe how you connect, mentioning them by their official name. How you relate with your referrer should be in context, and the duration he or she knows you. In addition, mention why your referrer thinks your the perfect fit for the position. In other words, what qualities makes you the perfect candidate for the job opening.

For Example: Practical example

My college Stella Maris recommended that I contact you directly about the Telecom Job Vacancy. Stella and I have worked in the Telecom industry closely for five years. Hence, She is definitely sure I am the perfect candidate due to my acquired skills and experience. She pointed out that my reputation in successful project completion will add value in ABC technical Team.

Referral Cover Letter Practical Sample.

We have for example, illustrated how to mention referral in the application letter. Next, will see a practical example of how to customize a referral cover letter in detail.

 Dear Mr George.

I am writing in reference to the position of Telecom engineer job vacancy at Cisco INC home. I have the pleasure of being recommended by one of your technical staff, Mr Keith Martin. Keith and I graduated from the Technical University of XYZ, and later worked in Telecommunication for five years. He informed me about the position, and Recommended I contact Directly.

 Previously, I’ve been working with Juniper for the last ten years. During this time, I have earned a good reputation for successful project completion. I have build numerous networks from LANs, WANs and Integrated security systems. This has been basically from physical site survey, to preparing of reports and BOQ. Last year I was voted best in performance and promoted to senior Supervisor.

 I would greatly appreciate an interview opportunity to further discuss my suitability for the above position. Thank you for Reviewing my application.

Kind Regards:

Stella Maris.

Tips to write a good Referral  cover letter.

 The above example clearly shows how to customize a Referral cover letter. Don’t limit your self to only that. Its always helpful to check other examples. In addition to that, always make sure to mention your recommendation in the first paragraph. This is because, it puts the referrer in the sport light giving the reader an urge to review further. It helps create a first impression, hence an urge to review your application further. Take that chance and share accomplishments that adds value to the organization. 

 Lastly this bring us to the end our discussion. Equally important, reach to us via the comment section below and air your opinion. Your opinion makes helps us improve our site. Thank you for staying lock

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