how to install google analytics in wordpress

How to install google analytics in WordPress for beginners

If you want to install google analytics in WordPress, then your in the right place. Its highly important as a website admin to know how your audience interacts with your website. Without a means of tracking your traffic statistics, this could be next to impossible. Google Analytics help webmasters track their traffic statistics for free. In this article, am going to guide you on how to install google analytics in WordPress blogs (step by step). Also I will share why its so important so implement traffic analysis in any blog. read more

Amazon vs Ebay

Amazon vs eBay: Which MarketPlace is best for sellers?

Two of the most known market place online must be Amazon and Ebay. Now choosing the best place to sell your products can be a difficult task, since they are both well known successful sites. Across the US and the rest of the word, both Amazon and Ebay are multi-billion household companies. But being that successful doesn’t mean without flaws. Probably by now you already have your winner, but trust me my conclusion might surprise you read more

Important pages every wordpress blog should have

7 Important Pages Every Blog Should Have

If you recently started a blog, then what are the top important pages every blog should have. The importance of pages in a blog is they let you add info without affecting your daily posting shedule. In this article, am going to guide you on the most important pages every WordPress blog should have. read more

Get media net approval in 5 days

How To Get Media Net Approval Within 5 days

In this article, I am going to show you how to get Media Net Approval within 5 Days using legit and legal way. You already know Monetizing your Blog with contextual ads is one of the best ways to earn money online. is one of the best high quality publishers out there. But its obvious, High quality means strict program policy, hence hard to get approval. read more