Interview Attire Colors

Perfect matching interview attire colors   Whats the main reason to choose the right interview attire colors ?. From our previous discussion, we’ve put so much emphasis on first impression. The best way to send a first sub concise message to the interviewing panel, is through your dress code. Important to realize, the color of your attire can tell so much about your personality. The right interview attire colors convey high levels of professionalism and confidence.

 Its important to realize, some Hiring managers associate colors with traits or ones personality. Hence, choosing the right color can greatly ace the chances of getting the job you want. on the other hand, other colors can portray a negative image and should be avoided. Lets begin our discussion with general tips for choosing the best interview attire colors.

Tips for choosing Interview Attire colors
  • Solid Over Patterns

 You don’t want the interviewing panel to remember you from what you wore. Wearing a shouting attire creates an image in people minds, and they will always remember you for that. For an interview, you want the interviewer to remember how you stood out in skills rather than image. Choosing solid colors ensure that your clothes weren’t the center of attraction, hence causing distraction.

 Black, Dark Navy or Grey men suits or skirt suits are perfect professional attire. They also aren’t striking or distracting, hence highly recommended. The rule of the thumb is choosing a solid color that doesn’t become the center of attraction.

  • Neutral over Bright Colors

  Like we’ve just said, don’t let people remember you for your attire. Very bright colors become the center of attraction and attention. You might stand out in qualifications, but people remember you for what you wore. For example white would be excellent for a shirt or blouse, but wearing a full white suit looks exaggerated. 

 Black, Gray and Navy are some excellent neutral colors to choose. Mixing these colors with a white shirt or blouse, would give a perfect result. Avoid colors like Red, Orange or Yellow suits, since they are too bright for an interview environment.

  • Research about the company environment.

  The main reason you want to conduct a company research, is to know its office environment. Do this Prior attending the interview, to better understand the interview environment and culture. With conservative organizations, its always advisable to stick with solid neutral colors. For organizations with casual culture wear, choose softer casual wears. This is because you want to convey a bit of personality, and not being very overwhelming.

  Lastly for a Fashion Job scenario, for example a clothing store try to be creative in bringing out style. But the rule of the thumb, always avoid being too casual. Even for the case of casual wear, always choose something professional and presentable.

Business casual perfect matching interview attire colors
What message different colors  convey.

Colors can be used to convey different personalities. They can be used to evoke particular human response, one you might not be aware of.  Lets discuss what message most common colors convey.

  1. Black: This is one of the most popular color people choose for suits and dresses. Its an executive color hence very common. Black brings a sense of Power, authority and other times Drama. Choose black for conservative environment, for example when applying for an executive position. Exaggerating black, makes you look unapproachable.  On the other hand, using black politely bring a sense of professionalism, without being overwhelming.
  2. Grey: This is a great choice, to invoke neutrality or sophistication. Its another great color, very common for suits and dresses in the interview environment. Grey shows a sense of power, but not domineering as black.
  3. Blue: Blue is another great color, that convey a sense of neutrality. Its also a common choice for interview attire. This is the best color, when you want to look calm and confidence. Particularly, navy blue can be the best choice to create first impression. Hence, I highly recommend using it. Lastly, also remember Blue is the most people favorite color.
  4. Red:  Red is used to convey passion and great energy. Without exaggeration, Red can be the best for casual interview environment. Overusing red will make you look emotional.
  5. White: White makes you look crispy clean. On the other hand, overusing white makes you look less serious. Its the best choice for shirts and blouses. White will convey honesty and simplicity, if not overwhelmingly used. It also makes you look bright and presentable.
Final Advice on Interview Attire colors.

  Finally, its important to realize what matters in an interview is your skills and experience. How you present your self, and most important your response to interview questions. But with modern day Job market, a particular job opening can attract hundreds of applicants. Hence choose the right colors, since initial elimination might be on basic issues.

 This brings us to the end of our discussion, and hope was of much help. Use our guide to choose your next interview attire colors. In case of any suggestions and recommendation, please reach to us via the contact form below.