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Job application letter link  A Job application letter gives your Resume`a major boost, and ace the chances of getting shortlisted for an interview. The Job application letter gives you an opportunity to highlight your most relevant skills and experience. Its usually customized to match the qualities a special job post is looking for. Hence when customizing the application letter, ensure the hiring manager can quickly Identify you with skills he’s looking for.

 Lets look at practical examples and guidelines to follow when customizing a Job application letter. Obviously the application letter will accompany your most recent Resume. We are going to look at two cases. When applying via Email and when dropping a hard copy to an organization.

Job Application letter components.

 All Job application letters are composed of three sections. First is the introduction which basically tells why your writing. Second, comes the body which discuss the relevant skills and qualifications making you the perfect fit for the position. Finally the closure, which will eventually thank the reader, and provide followup details. Straightaway lets look at practical example of a Job application letter.

Example of a Job application letter.

Stella Maris,

P.O Box 12345

New York

Cell: +1 723 xxxxx

The Human Resource Manager,

ABC Company,

Queens New York.

Dear Human Resource manager. (Name if Possible )

RE: Application for a Telecommunication Job Vacancy.

Making reference to an advertisement appearing in XYZ. I am writing in request to fill the position of a Telecommunication Engineer withing your organization. I hold a Bachelors degree from the technical university of ABCD. and with industry certifications such as CCNA and A+, with five years of working experience.

Previously I worked for XYZ, a leading communication company in the country as a senior Engineer. While working for my previous employer, I gained much experience in Cellular networks. Optical Fiber, Ethernet working and integrated security systems. In my line of Duty I had the chance to lead several teams, in successful completion of major projects. I am a hardworking person, with good interpersonal skills able to work without supervision. 

 I believe  that through the implementation of the acquired knowledge and skills into your corporate. will increase organization satisfaction. My Reference is as attached below. I look forward to further discuss my suitability for the above position.

Yours Faithfully,

[signature for hard copy]

Stella Maris.

Make sure you follow the above example, customizing it to fit your own special scenario. In the same way, lets see how the Email version looks.

Example of Email Job Application Letter.

Subject: First Name, Last Name Telecommunication Job Vacancy Application Letter.

Dear: [ Contact Person ]

 Making Reference to a job Advertisement appearing in, I am writing to express my interest in the Engineer job vacancy. I have a bachelors degree in communication engineering, with major industry certifications such as CCNP.

 I have five years of working experience, mainly with mobile networks, LANs, WANs and Network security. Previously I worked with Educationgrade, a leading communication company in the country as a team leader. with a good record of numerous successful projects record. I am hardworking person, with good interpersonal skills and able to team lead.

 I believe that the experience and knowledge I’ve acquired, will greatly increase organization satisfaction. My reference is as attached below for the purpose of further review. I look forward to further discuss my suitability for the above position. I can be reached anytime via or phone +1 764 xxxxx.

Thank you for your consideration.

First Name, Last Name.

 Important to realize your name and job title are the subject of the email. Another key point, the date has been skipped and followed with a salutation. Lastly follow up has clearly indicated how you can be reached.

Tips for writing a strong Job Application Letter.

 A job application letter is meant to make you stand out among other applicants. Its Very Important to realize that. In order to accomplish that, make sure to follow the below guideline.

1. Use a concise start: Your starting paragraph should be on point the reason for writing. Mention the job title and how you heard about it. Briefly explain why your the perfect candidate for the position.

2. Don’t rewrite your Resume: Notably, every Job application letter you’re going to send will be accompanied by a Resume. Try to offer something different from what’s already in your Resume. As much as its going to be a resume summary, use a personal language to narrate your competence.

3. What are you selling ?. First, the letter should briefly and clearly tell the hiring manager what your selling. Second, it should convince the hiring manager that your the perfect candidate. This can be accomplished by explaining practical examples of how your skills can add value to the organization.

4. Followup Info: In the closing remark, never forget to thank the reader. second, make sure the follow-up info you give will enable the reader to reach you in-case your shortlisted.

 That brings us to the end of our discussion on how to write the perfect Job Application letter. Although we have numerous format out there, this example should be perfect for any scenario. Lastly don’t forget we are always here to listen to your opinion to improve our site. Reach out to us via the comment section below and share your opinion

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