Common Interview Mistakes

Common Interview Mistakes job link  What are the most common interview mistakes to avoid. Getting shortlisted for an interview is the most fabulous thing every job seeker desires. Most people will lock the job offer, if given the interview chance. Similarly, simple common interview mistakes will lead to straight disqualification. Unfortunately, some of the mistakes are done without ones knowledge. Hence its important to prepare in advance to avoid such simple blunders. Lets begin our discussion on the most common interview mistakes to avoid.

Common Interview Mistakes to avoid.
1. Inappropriate Dress code.

 Looking professional and polished is the first step to achieve first impression. Hence its imperatively very important, to watch your dress code. Attire will vary from position to position depending on the interview environment. Most important, always make sure to look a little professional than the position requires. For example, wear a Business casual attire for non profession job interview.

2. Arriving Late for the Interview.

 Indeed, my advice has always been targeting first impression. But do you know arriving late for an interview creates a bad First impression ?. This portrays poor time management skills, as well as lack of respect for the organization. Always make sure you arrive five to ten minutes earlier. This can be accomplished by an earlier research of the organization exact location, before the interview date. This will help you to know what challenges to anticipate including means of transport among others.

3. What not carry.

 Never bring a drink, for example a soda or coffee to an interview. If you have to kill thirst or fuel up, do it before entering the interview premises. Bringing a drink will create distraction, hence you might miss a question while taking a sip. Never chew a Gam or anything else as it divides your attention on top of portraying lack of manners. Specifically concentrate on impression, Maintenance eye contact and responding to questions.   

Interview attire guide4. Switch off your Phone.

Always make sure your phone is off before starting the interview. Not only responding to a call is disruptive. It also sends a clear message that getting the job is not your top priority. This simple common interview mistake can lead to straight disqualification.

5. What do you know about this organization.

This is one of the most likely interview question not to miss in any interview. If you do some basic research prior, its one of the easiest to respond to. Go through the company website and check the ”About us ” page. Check the organization social media pages, for example LinkedIn and Facebook to see what info they share. Lastly ensure you understand the organization operations and goals.

6. Avoid Dishonest Resume facts.

  Important to realize, even though the Manager has a copy of your resume, your thorough with information provided. During the interview, you will be required to defend your resume. Make sure you can defend the information in your resume, including graduations acquired plus prior experience. Never include skills you cant attest to. That’s the golden rule.

7. Failure to Pay Attention

 Avoid being absent minded during the interview. Always make your self comfortable and stay alert. Getting distracted or absent minded will show your inability to focus on the real Job. Attention can be achieved by simply maintaining eye contact. In case your attention slips away, hence missing a question, ask for question re-framing. Its also allowed to ask the interviewer to repeat or re-frame the question its not clear on your end.  Lastly, most important, read more on the type of interviews to expect here.

Common interview mistakes to avoid8. Avoid Talking too much.

Interviewing someone who talks too much is usually very annoying. When responding to a question, be concise and straight to the point. Avoid giving your whole career or life history. Stay relevant to the interview, no mater how genial the interviewer is. Lastly avoid talking about your personal life, for example your family, spouse or children. As much as possible, maintain a professional interview environment.

9. Not prepared to answer Questions.

  The interviewer might not necessarily as the basic interview questions. He or she might choose the aptitude way of interview. This is usually meant to know better as an employee. First, prepare for the most common interview questions and answers to expect on an interview. On top of that, be thorough with your CV and lastly, what the Job advert requirements are. Finally, prepare questions to ask the interviewer in case asked if you have any questions for us question.

10. Never Badmouth about anything.

  Everyone one time or other, has worked for that Boss whose an Idiot. Note its a small world and don’t know who is who. Don’t make the mistake of badmouthing about someone. The interviewer will think its the same thing you’ll talk about after leaving. Badmouthing shows inability to comfortably deal with people of different ideological difference. Also portrays high levels of immaturity and inability to handle conflicts. Hence, avoid it. 

11. Never Forget to follow-Up.

In case you blow up an interview chance just because you had a bad day, always do a follow-up. Its always good to shoot a follow-up email, thanking for the opportunity and explaining your circumstance. Ask the employer for a second chance. you might land an employer who understands that at times thing happen.

 Again thanks for staying lock to our discussion. Hope it will be of great help in your job search journey. From educationgrade, its best of luck. That said, don’t forget to reach out.

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