chitika vs gogle adsense

Chitika vs Adsense

This one of the most commonly asked question when it comes to ad networks. Chitika vs Adsense which ad network is better?. First lets begin with a quick review of each network and how it works.

Google adsense is a monetization platform for publishers to earn from their content. It was started by google back in 2003, designed for publishers wishing to display targeted video, image and Text advertisements.

Google adsense is undoubtfully  one of the best pay per click(PPC) ad network on the web.This means that a user get to be payed when a real user clicks on an advertisement. This program is controlled by google and its free to join for webmasters whose site adhere to google policies.

Chitika ad network

Chitika is another great advertising network that has been online for quite sometime. If you love google adsense, then chitika can be your best adsense alternative. Chitika serves contextual ads just like Adsense. With chitika, account approval is quite fast, allows you to customize your ads and can be used alongside Google adsense. Chitika is a good option for starters, since it pays from $10 via paypal and min $50 via check.

Both of these ad networks have been doing quite well over the last years. On my own perspective, its quite difficult to compare Chitika to google due to their low CPC and unreliable payment. Chitika has a history of cancelling publishers accounts once payment threshold has been reached. To better understand the two ad networks, lets take a look at the below Chart.

chitika vs adsense


Google Adsense is always number one when it comes to displaying ads. But what are the Best Adsense alternative, to display ads on your blog. Google is burning thousands of accounts every month. Like wise, Thousands of account Submission to Adsense are turned down daily. If your site does not meet their Adsence aproval requirements, you can go ahead and ue chitika. Chitika will offer slightly lower cpc rates but sometimes its better than none. This ad network is also known to work quite fine if your traffic comes from counties like US and Canada.

There are mant other ad networks to integrate your blog with and make some good cash. In my Top list , Medianet, Propeller, Infolinks and RevenueHits in that order.


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