Best Adsense alternative

Best Adsense Alternative

Google Adsense is always number one when it comes to displaying ads. But what are the Best Adsense alternative, to display ads on your blog. Google is burning thousands of accounts every month. Like wise, Thousands of account Submission to Adsense are turned down daily. Reason? Best known to google. Maybe your website doesn’t follow their strict strict guidelines.

 Don’t cry and bash over google Adsense rejection, its not the end of your blogging career. Actually its just the beginning, since there are Hundreds of Best Adsense Alternative out there.

First let me mention, you do not have to display ads in your blog to make money from your blog. If your looking for other ways to earn from your Blog, check my step by step guide on best available options here. Hence, Google was your fist option, but we have other options. Stand up, waste no time and act professional.

6 Best Best Adsense alternative

 Lets walk through my top recommended Best Adsense alternative and why you should consider using them. By the end of this article, I can promise you will be armed with numerous options to work with. We work our list from number 6 down to 1, So lets get started.

6. Revenue Hits

 Coming up at my position number 8 is Revenue hits. This is quite a strong network with several years in the industry. Ive personally worked with Revenue Hits for several years and its a good network. Revenue Hits will pay you on result bases since its a performance based network. To get the best out of this network, keep their ads running for a few days to get the best results. This network has several monitization channels, for example you can create Banners, sliders and pop under. The ad network pays on a NET 30 basis via Paypal, Wire transfer and payoneer. To get started create an account HERE.

5. Chitika.

 Chitika is another great advertising network that has been online for quite sometime. If you love google adsense, then chitika can be your best adsense alternative. Chitika serves contextual ads just like Adsense. With chitika, account approval is quite fast, allows you to customize your ads and can be used alongside Google adsense. Chitika is a good option for starters, since it pays from $10 via paypal and min $50 via check.  To sign up for chitika, visit this link.

4. RevContent.

RevContent is a Native Ads Network. The approval process is quite easy and they offer quality ads. Their Ads blend well with your website, since they look like your related post.  Revcontent ad network have a wide range of advertisers around the globe. They have high CPC with minimums of 10 cents per click. I place this network at this position since its being used by some of the big websites in the industry. This ad network also allows you to use their ads alongside other advertising networks. Signup for RevContent here.

 3. Infolinks

 Coming at number 3 is infolinks. Today its one of the largest advertising networks on the net. With more than 20K publishers and offering services in over 128 countries, its definitely a force to recon with. Their ads don’t interfere with website user experience which is a great thing. Infolinks ads are also highly customizable giving more flexibility. They have a very simple platform, hence integrating with your blog is quite easy. Approval for infolinks is also easy, all you need is a clean well organized Blog. They don’t have minimum post or Visitors restriction. To sign up for infolinks follow this link.

2. Propeller Ads Media

 This is one of my favorite ad networks. Currently propeller Ads Media is the Biggest pop under network in the web. They have very high CPM, and at the moment website with the following niche stand to profit most. Entertainment, Gaming, Gambling, Dating and software. If your blogging with one of the above nitche, trust me you can make more money than with adsense. Propeller ads network also have customization banners, but the pop under works fine. Lastly if you have good Mobile traffic, Propeller would be a great choice, as they closely work with ad networks that monetize mobile services and apps. sign Up for propeller ads here for faster approval

1. is the ultimate king when it comes to Best Adsense Alternative. If your looking for and ad network very similar to adsense, there you have it!. Media Bing is the second largest company when it comes to developing digital advertising products currently. Bing comes second after google adsense in running contextual ads program in the entire web. The website approval is quite similar to that of google, hence only serious webmasters are accepted in the program. They also have traffic source restriction. Hence they only accept websites that receive traffic from their selected regions. On average, its going to take at least two days for account review and approval. This ad network is also great, since its goin to give you 10% over your earning the 1st 3 months. Much better than adsense, hence don’ just sit there and wait, sign up with Bing Here!!


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