Important pages every wordpress blog should have

7 Important Pages Every Blog Should Have

If you recently started a blog, then what are the top important pages every blog should have. The importance of pages in a blog is they let you add info without affecting your daily posting shedule. In this article, am going to guide you on the most important pages every WordPress blog should have. read more

Get media net approval in 5 days

How To Get Media Net Approval Within 5 days

In this article, I am going to show you how to get Media Net Approval within 5 Days using legit and legal way. You already know Monetizing your Blog with contextual ads is one of the best ways to earn money online. is one of the best high quality publishers out there. But its obvious, High quality means strict program policy, hence hard to get approval. read more

chitika vs gogle adsense

Chitika vs Adsense

This one of the most commonly asked question when it comes to ad networks. Chitika vs Adsense which ad network is better?. First lets begin with a quick review of each network and how it works.

Google adsense is a monetization platform for publishers to earn from their content. It was started by google back in 2003, designed for publishers wishing to display targeted video, image and Text advertisements. read more

How to Create custom Email ID for Your Domain using Google Apps

In order to look more profession and serious online, its always best practice to use a custom Email ID for your website. Ive come a cross many startup companies and Bloggers using public Domain email address, for example those offered by google or yahoo. Personally i don’t see a reason one would choose to use a free address, while she/he already owns a domain name. read more

Best Adsense alternative

Best Adsense Alternative

Google Adsense is always number one when it comes to displaying ads. But what are the Best Adsense alternative, to display ads on your blog. Google is burning thousands of accounts every month. Like wise, Thousands of account Submission to Adsense are turned down daily. Reason? Best known to google. Maybe your website doesn’t follow their strict strict guidelines. read more