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How to Make Money Working Online

  Now that your done with college and job searching, I am going to show you  how to Make Money Working Online in your free time. There are numerous ways to make money working online that are legit and not scams. In this article we will discuss top ways to make money blogging with various platforms. Particularly with WordPress. For blogger, join me in this article.

 First of all, a word of advice. Let nobody fool you, blogging is a get rich quick scheme. If you are the type who are looking for ways to make large sums online quick, am sorry. This article is for people willing to make a long term career online. Yes you can make money online blogging, but it requires patience.

 Everyone has come across many articles fooling people on ways to make quick bucks online. However, you end up wasting your time and money, maybe on their referral links, or courses offered by such scammers. Unlike those ”make money working online” forum, this article gives a comprehensive guide on legit ways to earn online. Mostly we will be discussing WordPress platform blogging. Hence before you can use any of the methods here, you require a self hosted WordPress blog. Don’t worry if you don’t have one yet. It only takes less than 30 Min to build one. Follow this guide on a step by step guidance on how to start your WordPress blog. You don’t have to be an ICT gig to start your blog. Follow the above step by step and you will be up en running in a matter of minutes . Hence, lets jump into the topic, how do you make money from your blog.

Monetize your Blog

 When it comes to monetizing a blog, the first thing that comes into mind is advertisement. But do you know apart from ads, there are other numerous ways to make money from your blog?. Lets discuss a few most recommended ways to make money online from blogging.

  1. How to  Make money online with Affiliate Marketing.

 First lets briefly explain what affiliate marketing is. With Affiliate marketing, you recommend a product or service using a special tracking to your Audience. Every time someone purchases the product or service via your referral link, you get a commission. In a real life scenario, every time you introduce a friend to your local bank, you get a commission when they open an account. Similarly, most products online have an affiliate program. To succeed in Affiliate Marketing, think of products your audience might be interested in. Find out if the product seller has an affiliate program you can Join. We already Have many online stores offering affiliate program . Most recommended are:

  • Amazon Affiliate Markets
  • Ebay
  • Sharesale
  • Commission Junction.

 After selecting a product to promote, I Recommend Thirsty Affiliate plugins to manage your link. This plugin allows you to quickly insert links into your post and monitor how each perform. To learn more about Thirsty affiliate Plugging, check out my step by step guide. Personally I recommend Affiliate marketing as the number one method to make money online. Its easy to integrate with your blog, and with already established online stores. You can find a wide variety of products to promote.

2. Make Money working online by Displaying advertisements on your Blog.

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Trust me, when it comes to Blogging, displaying ads on your blog is an option you will never leave out. The top most recommended platform being, Google Adsense, Media Bing and Infolinks. All you need to do with this is adding a script from any of the above, and start displaying ads.

 With advertisements, you get paid every time a user clicks on an ad. This is usually referred to as cost per click (CPC) ads.  By displaying ads with any of the above, you receive a percentage cut every time a viewer clicks on an advertisement. We have advertising programs which pay on CPM basis. This referrers to situation where your paid for ad views instead of ad clicks.  CPM stands for Cost Per a Thousand impression, with the M standing for the Roman numerical value of 1,000. 

Google Adsense is the King, when it comes to advertisements. For more on how to get started with google adsense, follow my step to step guide here.

3. Sell Ads Directly on your Blog.

 When you display ads on your blog, for example from google, the amount of money is limited.  One, the original advertiser will set the amount for each click. Second, google or Bing will charge you a percentage cut from every click. To bypass this you can reserve a space in your blog to sell ads Directly. This is a more lucrative way than being a middle man. Most Bloggers will charge a flat rate on monthly or yearly basis. This provides an easier way than keeping track of clicks and views on each and every ad.

Although  selling ads directly require more administrative work, for example negotiating pricing and invoicing, its more preferred. However, with WordPress, you can use ad management plugin which makes the process easier. I recommend using the BuySellAds plugin. This plugin helps in matching advertisers and website owners. To learn more about the plugin, check my step by step guide, on how to install and Config BuySellAds plugin.

4. Create a Paid Membership Website.

 Creating a paid membership website is one of the most popular way to make money working online today. Bloggers not interested in selling ads, opt for this method. This refers to where your audience pay to access certain content in your website.  Lets discuss a few ways to do that.

 A. Creating a Restricted Member Content.

This refer to a situation where you create content that require premium subscription. The content is meant for your most royal readers willing to pay for the service. This will include viewing of description videos, downloading of content or an in depth blogs post review. This requires you to create blogs that add much value to the reader. For example, Education related content. With WordPress, there are a variety of free to use plugins. Check ou my top recommended plugins to get started with Restricted member content Here. One of the most recommended plugin is the Rain Maker. Check a full step by step guide on installing and configuring the Rain Maker WordPress plugin.

B. Creating a Private Forum.

With private forum option, you simply create a forum where users pay to get your help online. This involves a one to one advice or help from you as the author. You can also incorporate other members, to interact and help each other on various issues.

 The challenge that comes with such a forum is Moderating. But at the long last, its can be one of the best recruitive and recurring revenue generation from your blog. If interested, please check my step by step guide on how to get started with the Top Forum plugins for WordPress here.

5. Accepting Donations On Your Blog.

 The last method I recommend on Making Money Working Online on your Blog, is simply asking for donations. Donations can be accepted in a few ways. Simply add an accept Donations from your Readers, by adding a mode of payments. It can be via VISA, Master Card, PayPal or any other electronic funds transfer. There are neumerous ways of online payments out there, just choose one that works best for you.  In order for your audience to support you, make sure your niche adds value to the user.

Finally, I hope this article gave you plentiful ideas on how to make money working online. Most important, remember it only takes hard work patience and perseverance. Don’t forget to reach out, and share your contributions and questions on our comment section below. Thanks for supporting educationgrade.


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