West Zone Supermarket Job Vacancies

West Zone Supermarket Urgently require the below Category Supermarket staff to be deployed across the UAE.

  • Supermarket customer service assistants
  • Shelfer/ merchandisers 
  • Sales executives,
  • Cashier,
  • Accountants
  • Butcher
  • stoorekeepers
  • Bakers
  • Supervisors

Job Description

  • Supermarket customer service assistants both directly help customers inside the store and via telephone.
  • Guiding customers to the items they need,
  • replenishing the grocery shelves when items go out of stock,
  • assisting with the checkout process,
  • helping customers load their groceries into their vehicles,
  • cleaning the store and gathering shopping carts in the parking lot.


They may also help out with customer returns and interact with management and other floor workers as necessary to handle complaints and requests.

Much of the work is physical and can require bending, lifting, walking and using equipment like ladders and carts. A friendly personality and a willingness to meet customers’ needs are necessary to be a successful supermarket customer service assistant.

Candidates who meet the above Job description share your most resume/cv to: hiring@westzone.com
Shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
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