Top Interview Questions.

How to answer the top most common interview Questions

 Picture of a situation where you already know what the Hiring Manager are going to ask you during your next Interview..?. That  would be the greatest thing to ever happen in your entire  career life!!!. wouldn't it? I know its a big yes of course . But  I believe  that we are no angels hence cant read minds. What we are going to discuss here is the most commonly asked interview questions  and  how to tackle them.

I don't Recommend having a scanned copy or memorizing  everything we are going to discuss here. What I recommend is to Read  and Understand how to go about the questions. Try twist the answers to fit your own special scenario. That is what the hiring managers will be looking for in your Responses and what it takes to prove that you have what they are looking for.

Well make your self comfortable as we begin. If you do yoga chain smoke or consume lots of food to enhance full time concentration now is your time...Lets begin!

  • Tell us about your self.

 Trust me If you are New into the interview world, this is one of the mostly asked Question, one you can never miss in any interview. It seems simple but most people fail because they fail to prepare in advance.

To answer this Question is really simple. Follow my three steps and you will have nailed it!. But also note that you want to focus on what you are going to do to full fill the position you are applying for. Here is how you go about it:

  • State your personal Details.
  • Briefly explain your Education Background.
  • Briefly explain your working exerience.

Example of a good Answer

  Lets use general Example of a Telecommunication technician from the Newyork applying for a technical job. Make sure you use  my example to customize your respond to suite your role; This is how He or She could answer the question:

 First my name is Stella XYZ, I am an American. I graduated from the Technical University of Newyork with a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering Telecommunication option the year 2011. Previously I completed my CompTIA A+ certification at CompTIA online learning academy which deals with Installation Optimization and Maintenance of computer software and Hardware and later joined Cisco Networking Academy and got certified as a Cisco Networking Associate the year 2013

 I have a total of six years working experience as communication Technician . Previously worked with Broadband networks global  one of the leading Telecommunication companies in the country as a communication technician dealing with complete site solution for mobile networks, That is Radio Access Networks and Transmission,Satellite Networks Ie; Installation integration and Maintenance; cable networks specifically Optical fiber and Ether_networking  ie; structured cabling and the laying of the logical network and  finally i have worked with Integrated Security systems commonly known as ISS

  • interview questions How did you hear about this position

This is another question trust me if finds you u prepared, you will definitely fail!. Most of the people fail because They only give a  straight answer; for example:

  • I heard about the positions from a friend. OR
  • I heard about the position from the Internet. OR
  • I saw the advertisement from the print media.

 I know what your thinking...Isn't that the right way of answering. yes it is. All the above answers to some extent are all correct But  here is the catch: What the Hiring manager is actually looking for is your passion and connection to the organization. you need to  share specifically what caught your eye about the role!.

Example of a good answer

I heard about this position from the internet. I am subscribed to one of the leading job blogs that sends me regular job opening around the globe. When  I got the alert  about this position, I checked out the job  an looked for more info  about the organization. when i realized  that I am the perfect  fit for the vacancy I applied Enthusiastically and was very delighted  when I received a confirmation that I was one of the shortlisted candidates.

  • What do you know about this organization?

Many candidates will fail this question because all they do before an interview is go through the ''About Us''page of the company they are interviewing for and during the interview recite what they read to the recruiting manager.According to me its good practice but reciting that during the interview is a BIG NO!

The trick behind this question is the Hiring manager wants to find out whether understand and care about the organiztion mission. ofcourse YES you will start by explaining what te organization does ut then you should go ahead and try make it personal. eg ''I am personally drawn to this mission because.....OR ''I personally relate with your values in that I believe...''

Example of a good answer

 what I know about the organization is that it deals with ABC and XYZ,But I am particularly  attracted to the vision of your company.I like how the business has focused on putting customer needs first and in a friendly and innovative way. I believe that my marketing experience.....OR ...My Technical experience...OR My sales experience can add value to your Organization

  • What is your greatest professional strength?

 To answer this question you need first of all to understand what the role of the position you are applying for requires With that in mind, pick one professional strength out of the pool of many out there eg, ...A problem solver ... A team player  and many many other professional strengths out there.

 secondly you need to customize that strength to fit your scenario or to match he qualities the Hiring manager is looking for and lastly give a practical example of when you successfully Implemented your strength. lets discuss one example. personally I am a computer engineer so lets look at an example that fits my position. Don't cram it but read, understand then customize your answer to fit your case.

Example of a good answer

 My greatest professional strength is I am a good Team leader. I have the ability to lead a team mainly because I am able to comfortably deal with people of different ideological differences bring them together to work towards the same goal which is successful completion of any assigned project. While working for my previous employer I was given a chance to lead a team of technicians in laying of a metro fiber optic ring to connect base station transceivers that were currently using Microwave as the primary link. I was able to complete the project within the  given timeline, was voted the best in performance for that year and was rewarded with a promotion with new roles of supervision and training of new staff.

  • What is your greatest weakness

This is one question you will never miss fro the Human Resource Manager if He or She will be present at the interviewing panel. what the Hiring manager whats to know is basically your attitude towards work.What I can advice for this interview question is to focus on weaknesses which glorifies you rather than those that portray you in a negative perspective. Note that this is a question to measure your altitude.

 A good example of this can rage from being a person who doesn't tolerate laziness, Indiscipline, to a person who will always work an extra mile to meet deadlines even when projects aren't argent.

Example of a good answer.

My greatest weakness is i like to please people. At my work place, I always like everyone to be on the same page. In the past, whenever some one lagged behind, I would go an extra mile to bail them out. This was in fear they would get disappointed. Yes I still help others out. However, I have learn't the art of planning and prioritizing. This has really helped me to know when I can help someone without Jeopardizing my work schedule.

  • Are you a good Team leader OR How can you say that you are a good team leader?

Everybody can testify that one of the main reason many organizations excel is their ability to work as a team. Hiring Managers will always Ask the candidates their ability to team lead. You should be in a position to tell how good you were while working in a team giving examples of accomplishes you made. To answer this question and how perfectly to respond am going to refer you back to our discussion on our greatest professional strength where we discussed being a team leader as being one. So take a minute and recheck what we've discussed its worth.

  • What are your long term goals/Short term goals?

 Career goals come in two. we have your long term and your short term career goals. The main reason a hiring manager will ask this question is to better understand whether you know what the role you are applying for requires. Whether if given that chance you will be working towards your dream job or your only seeking the position just because you want a job or just looking for some temporary employment. The response you will give will help the to know whether your the perfect fit for the position. The Hiring manager will also be able to tell your linking to the Industry you've chosen

Example of a good answer for Long Term Career Goal

Well my long term goals is to become the very best of a communication engineer . I want to work towards becoming the expert others rely upon and in doing so I believe that i will be fully prepared to take any greater responsibilities that might be presented in the long term. I gain Don't forget to customize your answer to fit your own special scenario using the example we have discussed above.

Example of a good answer for Short Term goals

 If i get hired for this position, My short Term goals will be to learn as fast as i can from my senior colleges all the duties and responsibilities that will be required of me as a ''sales executive'' ...OR, ''Technician''...OR ''accountant'' ...etc . Be an active member of a team so that I can be able add value and contribute to the growth of your organization

  • Why do you want this Job.

 First of all let me say if your not well prepared for this question its going to sound provocative. This is because at the back of your mind you will be thinking like '' You invited me for an interview because your looking for staff yet what kind of question is this your asking?!!!''. WRONG Thinking!.  Note any Hiring manager wants to hire candidates who are passionate about their job, and loves their organization. What you need to do to answer this question is to identify your self with some of the organization values or principles. eg: ''I love customer support because i like constantly interacting with people and helping them with their challenges'' then lastly state why you would love to work with the organization. eg ''I always love to be part of problem solving and you people are doing great things out there''.

Example of a good answer

 I want this job because from my previous experience I have come to learn that I am not the different day same thing person. Based on the roles of this position I would be the point of constant with the customers in resolving their daily issues. I am also a person who like to build new relationship with new customers hence every day would be different and interesting. I will get to know my customers better and build a long term relationship with them.

  • Why should we hire you?

Another provocative seeming question and again many people end up confusing this question with our previous question of why do you want this job. Let me say that these are totally two different questions. What the hiring manager want to know here is apart from doing the work, you can also deliver great results, and secondly you will bond in with the organization culture and lastly why you think that you are the best candidate against anyone else applying for the position. Here is how you can answer such a question:

Example of a good answer.

I believe that I am the perfect candidate for this position because first I have the Technical and hands-on experience as a sales executive; Technician; Teacher... etc. For the last five years I have been working with MS ...etc and I proved to deliver excellent results. secondly I am a fast learner hence in a position to comfortably deal with change and new assignments.  I believe that all this combined with my strong education background makes me the perfect fit for this position.

That brings us to the end of our discussion on interview questions. Did you find this Article helpful? If you are satisfied, don’t forget to reach us via the comments section below . In case you are not satisfied, please tell us how we can improve this site or how we can help you in particular.


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