Pest Control Agents required

  • Dubai
Robin Pest Control L.L.C Dubai are Urgently looking for a qualified pest control Engineer.  They will be conducting a walk-in interview Below is the Job specification for this position.
Job Description:
  • Spray chemical solutions, powders, and gases on or near surfaces of a building or house to eliminate pests.
  • Identify invading pests, including rats, termites, snakes, wasps, ants, spiders, mosquitos, or bed bugs.
  • Set mechanical traps and place bait.
  • Remove dead rodents after extermination.
  • Ensure house or building is empty when product is applied.
  • Air out residence after application.
  • Inspect property to ascertain wall and roof porosity and possible sites of pest invasion.
  • Measure area dimensions requiring treatment.
  • Position and fasten edges of tarpaulins over building and tape vents to ensure air-tight environment and check for leaks.
  • Check for possible leaks or exposure.
  • Utilize appropriate protective gear and equipment during application.

To attend this walk in interview please follow the below Instructions:

Call or Whatsapp: 0551212855 this number for interview walk-in details or send your resume to

Email Resume us: usmanzamanafridi (at)

Job Type: Full-time

Experience: pest control: 1 year (Preferred)

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