SEO Guide for beginners

SEO Guide for Beginners

 The SEO guide for Beginners article is meant to help you understand clearly the following. First I will explain what SEO is, how SEO function and best practices to make it work perfectly for you. I will also cover why SEO is so important, and step by step guide how to implement the knowledge you learn here. Hence lets begin our discussion by first defining what SEO is.
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How to Create Amazon Affiliate Link

How to create Amazon affiliate link (step by step guide)

 In this article, am going to cover how to create Amazon Affiliate link step by step. So, what is Amazon Affiliate program, and how can we use it to monetize our Website?. Amazon is a leading world Market place, used by many bloggers and large organizations to sell their products. Amazon will pay you 15% of every sale amount you make. This is one of the best ways to monetize your traffic, much better that displaying ads. read more

Best Adsense alternative

Best Adsense Alternative

Google Adsense is always number one when it comes to displaying ads. But what are the Best Adsense alternative, to display ads on your blog. Google is burning thousands of accounts every month. Like wise, Thousands of account Submission to Adsense are turned down daily. Reason? Best known to google. Maybe your website doesn’t follow their strict strict guidelines. read more

how to get google adsense approval

How to Get Google Adsense Approval

 When it comes to monetizing your blog, advertisements is an option everyone should consider. Google adsense is the ultimate King when it comes to ad network monetizing. Its the best CPM advertising network in the web. Google adsense offers the highest CTR for for every page compared to other ad networks. Its every webmaster dream to acquire google advertising rights. read more

create a wordpress website

How to create a website

 Do you wish to learn how to create a website the right way? We know that starting a website can be a terrifying concept especially when you are geeky. Guess what, you no longer alone. Having helped many users commence a blog, I have decided to create the most complete data on how to create a website barring any technical knowledge. read more

make money working online

Make Money Working Online

  Now that your done with college and job searching, how do you Make Money Working Online in your free time. There are numerous ways to make money working online that are legit and not scams. In this article we will discuss top ways to make money blogging with various platforms. Particularly with WordPress. For blogger, join me in this article. read more